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TC Sessions: Mobility is back and it’s raring to go in a big way, returning live and in person, for the fourth year in a row. It’s a two-day deep dive featuring the best, brightest, and most intriguing founders, engineers, investors, regulators, and technologists dedicated to transforming the way we move people and packages around the world.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student with a startup idea or an MBA candidate building your company, TC Mobility offers students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the industry leaders, investors, and operators responsible for driving the transportation innovation.

If you’re a student debating whether to attend TC Mobility, we’ve put together a list of reasons to help you get started and head to the registration page. Do you see what we did there?

1: You don’t have to attend in person

The flip side of online event fatigue is the hesitation to attend events in person. While TechCrunch has strict policies for everyone who attends TC Mobility in person, it does have an online option. Maybe a trip to San Mateo just doesn’t fit into your student budget this semester. Problem solved: Avoid travel expenses and learn from home.

2: Build or expand your network

Our AI-powered networking platform, CrunchMatch, makes connecting with people who align with your business goals quick and painless. Host live or online meetings with founders, pitch investors, connect with hiring managers, or meet other students. CrunchMatch is a smart, targeted and efficient way to maximize your time at TC Mobility.

3: Taste the future of mobility

You can visit the huge exhibition and demo areas, meet the founders and engineers behind the new startups, and get up close or even hands-on with their technology. Founders, investors, engineers, students, and tech enthusiasts will witness and experience the future of mobility at our outdoor playground—there will be plenty of demos, test drives, and exhibits. Expect to see the latest technology in e-scooters, e-bikes, autonomous vehicle technology, and electrification.

4: Get a crash course on mobility trends

TechCrunch editors will interview visionary founders, savvy technologists, courageous investors, and crucial policymakers in areas like automotive, AV development, aviation, EV infrastructure, regulatory issues, VC trends, and much more. They will provide sharp editorial insights into what is happening in the market.

5: Tickets are only $75

How can we drive this point home? (We did it again). For $75 you can meet a potential co-founder, CTO, advisor or investor. For $75 you can try out some pretty impressive technology. For $75, you can connect with the people who can help you move your business forward. Bottom line: $75 buys you all of the above.

Invest $75 in your future and join us at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 in person on May 18-19 in San Mateo, California or online the next day, May 20.

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