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the kindness machine

Written by Cristina Dankert

Illustrated by Chad Dankert

Ages 4+ | 32 pages

Publisher: Purple Butterfly Press | ISBN-13: 9781955119085

Publisher’s Synopsis: Creative and artistic second-grade teacher Mr. Wilson wants to teach his students about kindness. Mr. Wilson creates The Kindness Machine, a special machine that shows students exactly what they can do to bring kindness into their classroom and into their hearts! Instead of telling their students to “be nice”, which is something children hear from a very young age, they learn exactly what they can do in their own lives by pressing the special buttons. In the end, Mr. Wilson teaches his students that everyone has their own kindness machine inside of them to help make kind decisions for others and themselves.

This creative, innovative and fun teaching method will guide children to be kind to each other in the classroom and beyond. The book includes discussion questions to help the reader consider not only kindness to others but also kindness to self, a lesson that is not always taught.

The Kindness Machine is a practical and innovative tool for teaching emotional literacy, kindness, and acceptance of self and others.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and as an e-book.




Christina Dankert is a second grade teacher. She is passionate about literacy and she believes that we can change the world by reading to the children in our lives. This is her first illustrated book of hers. She lives in Sylvania, Ohio, with her husband, Chad, and her two children. She has dreamed of collaborating with her husband to merge their two professions of educator and artist into one meaningful product. The Kindness Machine made that dream come true.

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my review

This book is intended for children ages 4 and up, which is the perfect time to teach children these important lessons. When children enter kindergarten and kindergarten, they are often exposed to children’s classrooms for the first time. As they do so, they will meet children from all kinds of backgrounds. Now they must learn to work alongside and together with everyone in their classroom. One of the most important and far-reaching skills to learn is being kind. It is not always natural for children to think of kindness. Adults can make a big difference by sharing easy ways to be kind. Kindness is not difficult, but making it easy for children is the key to learning. With the kindness machine, the teacher in this story completely captured the attention of his students by creating a way for them to be superheroes. This is an adorable book, sure to give kids great ideas on how to be kind.


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