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relatively normal secrets

by C. W. Allen


GENDER: Middle Grade Adventure Fantasy


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Tuesday and Zed Furst are perfectly normal kids with perfectly weird parents. Her father doesn’t talk about her job, her mother never leaves the house without her guard dog, and the subject of the family tree is off limits.

When a last-minute “business trip” throws the adults out of the way, Zed and Tuesday decide to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Too bad some thugs with shape-shifting weapons have other ideas. Their escape leaves them trapped in modern and medieval Falinnheim, where everyone insists their father is a disgraced fugitive. They hope that whoever is leaving them coded clues might have some answers, but they’re not sure they’re going to like what they learn.

If they ever want to see their parents again, they’ll need the help of a smuggler with a broken compass, his unusually talented dog, some extremely organized bandits, and a selection of suspiciously misquoted nursery rhymes.

Zed and Tuesday may not have all the answers, but one thing is for sure: when it comes to normalcy, everything is relative.



His father liked to say that the dog had failed to learn anything in the years that followed, but that was not entirely true. While it was true that she did not come when called or sit when ordered, the dog had learned many tricks. Nyx had learned very early, for example, how to help herself with the contents of the refrigerator. No one was quite sure how an animal without thumbs was able to open a refrigerator door, since it had never been caught in the act, but a whole ham doesn’t just get up and go for a walk at night, now it does. ?

Zed figured some people would consider it normal to take a dog on errands, as long as the dog could comfortably fit inside a purse, that is, or at least wait patiently in the car. But Nyx was neither small nor well-behaved nor patient. She was, in fact, huge. Her bristly black fur and her legs that seemed too long for the rest of her body made her look like a gigantic hairy spider. Her mother spent most of her time with the dog, and whenever she needed to go into the grocery store, post office, or other place where dogs aren’t generally welcome, she’d take Nyx to wait in the car for her dog. Return. Nyx took advantage of this time by jumping anxiously from seat to seat, smearing her nose on the windows.


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CW Allen is a Nebraskan by birth, a Texan by experience, a Hoosier by marriage, and a Utah by geography. She knew she wanted to be a writer the moment she read the western game at age twelve, but took a few detours along the way as a veterinary nurse, appliance repair secretary, and homeschooling mom.

She recently settled in the high desert of rural Utah with her husband, three children, and a noisy crowd of orphan ideas. She will one day create literary homes for all of them. (Ideas, not her family.)

relatively normal secrets (Cinnabar Moth Publishing, Fall 2021) is her first novel. She writes fantasy novels for tweens, picture books for children, and short stories and poems for former children. Her work will appear in numerous anthologies in 2021. She is also a frequent guest presenter at writing conferences and club meetings, which helps her put things off to write.

Keep up with his latest projects on his website:

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When siblings Zed and Tuesday are left in the care of a neighbor while their parents go on a business trip, things get very interesting. They get home from school to find that the parents are traveling and discuss conspiracy theories about their parents. Forgetting those lessons about the danger of strangers, Tuesday opens the door to some bad men. Zed reminds her that they must go to the Tree of Gathering, so they run to the forest clearing. His dog Nyx suddenly has strange powers. He turns into fire with blue eyes, but then goes back to his normal sweet walk. Children would really like answers about where their family came from and why they don’t have any relatives. They are transported by a bright light to a different dimension. Will they be able to escape from the soldiers who broke into their house? Will they return to their normal existence? Will they finally be able to understand why their parents are so weird? This book is unique and very creatively written. Many parts of the book will be enjoyed by both adults and children.


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