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Netflix today introduces a new feature designed to enable subscribers to give the service better feedback on the types of content they like the most, to receive improved recommendations. Netflix users will now see the option to tap the Two Thumbs Up button, which is located next to the existing Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on a TV show or movie page. This will tell Netflix that you not only “like” the content, but to love that. This signal will be used to further personalize Netflix recommendations, including through new features that have not yet been released.

“We hear from members that it is important for them to distinguish [between] the shows they liked and the shows they really loved, and that distinction was important to them,” said Netflix director of product innovation Christine Doig-Cardet. She said the company first tested the feature using a variety of inputs, including what some would argue is a more obvious indication of love: a heart button. But test numbers showed that users responded better to the Two Thumbs Up option, which felt like a more natural extension of Netflix’s existing rating system.

Although the button has two thumbs, it does not represent twice the weight of the One Thumbs Up button, Netflix noted.

“There is no fixed weight that we are putting behind that thumb,” Doig-Cardet said. “It will just be another input that the recommendations will take into account.”

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The signal will help inform Netflix which shows are most meaningful to the end user, so that when they land on your home page, they’re shown better, more personalized recommendations without as much scrolling.

After launch, Netflix plans to start testing new features that are based on this new form of user input.

For comparison, when Netflix launched its “Top 10” feature that displayed the most popular shows on its service, shows in the top 10 also displayed a badge when you visited their page. Similarly, Netflix added a “Most Liked” badge indicating when a show was one of the most watched by Netflix subscribers who had watched it. The new data from Two Thumbs Up could lead to a different badge indicating when a show was “most loved,” rather than simply liked, for example.

The feature is one of several ways Netflix has been working to improve users’ experience and control over content and recommendations. Netflix recently gave users the ability to remove titles from their “Continue Watching” list. The company said it’s also heard from members who want a way to indicate whether they’ve already seen something, when that information wasn’t captured in their experience. And they want to hide titles that they have no interest in seeing, which is a bit different than giving a thumbs down, as it’s perceived more as a way of saying you watched but didn’t like something.

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The company is also considering ways it can better harness the fandom around its shows and movies within the Netflix experience.

“People love to give each other recommendations. They have a lot of fan groups,” Doig-Cardet hinted.

Netflix can also make it easier for fans to discover more things to watch based on cast or other factors. For example, fans who love “Bridgerton” can watch more recommended shows and movies starring cast members or other shows from “Bridgerton” production company Shondaland.

The new Two Thumbs Up option will appear for global subscribers next to the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons in the Netflix app in various places, including the title page, the pause screen, and at the end of episodes. The button will roll out to TV, web, and Android and iOS mobile devices starting today.

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