Mom Report: Reser Bicycle Outfitters

With gorgeous weather in the tri-state this month, it is the perfect time to enjoy some time outdoors with the family. What better way to get active outside than with a family bike ride? The only problem is that my boys have grown like weeds over the past few years, so they were in desperate need of some new wheels.

Off to Reserve Bicycle Outfitters we went!

The Store!

Located at 648 Monmouth Street in Newport Kentucky, this storefront has everything a family could possibly need to get ready to hit the road on some brand-new bikes. With a staff of passionate and knowledgeable cyclists, families can be matched with the perfect bicycle for them, whether it be a balance, road, mountain or even e-bike. Have a bike at home that needs repaired or could use a tuneup? Reser can help with that, too! Need some great gear like helmets, water bottles, shoes, clothes, etc? Reserve has that covered!

The Reser Experience!

During our visit to Reser Bicycle Outfitters my boys were able to browse a variety of bikes (and some super cool accessories, too). After our new friend Russ checked out the dudes height and chatted with them about their biking goals, my boys were test driving some new rides in no time. Dominic (10) took off and quickly gave his bike 2 thumbs up and a head nod. This is highly praised from a 10 year old. Luca (8) had previously been an avid scooter-dude. Honestly, biking had always frustrated him. He would lose his balance, the pedals would scrape his calves and he would give up. No one likes to feel like they aren’t “getting it”, and it adds insult to injury when you look up and see your older sibling zooming past. Reser suggested taking Luca’s bike pedals off to basically make his bike a balance bike. With Russ’s encouragement and tips, Luca was actually enthusiastic about biking! My kids wanted to keep “test driving” their new bikes all night, but a crazy May monsoon sent us back inside to make our final purchases.

The Bikes!

Now that the bikes were officially ours, we made our way to load them into our van. Upon lifting one of the bikes, my immediate first reaction was how incredibly light it was and how it was not clunky at all. Both of my sons could independently lift their bikes and help me put them in our van.

Now that we have had the bikes for a few weeks, I can testify that their quality and overall feel is second to none. I have borrowed my oldest son’s bike for a test drive, and I am now seriously considering asking for a new Reser Bicycles whip for my birthday! The ride is super smooth.

And Luca? And it is! He DID learn to ride his bike with pedals. While he started out as a serious leaner, we had the idea of ​​having him go down a gentle slope on his bike. His instinct from him to hold steady and straight overpowered his urge to lean. After he found his balance, we put his pedals back on and he. took. OFF! It was a super-fast process- he went from leaning and falling to keeping up with his brother in a few days of practice. Now Luca is a bike-dude and asks to go biking every single day!


Reserve Bicycle Outfitters sells bikes with truly luxurious rides – perfect for the whole family! Looking for the coolest bike gear? Reserve! Need your bike fixed up? Reserve!

But wait, there’s more!

Learn about 5 great local bike trails, bike safety and the benefits of biking, sponsored by Reserve Bicycle OutfittersHERE.

Reser Bicycle Outfitters is located at 648 Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky

Call 859-261-6187 or visit for more information

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