Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will test monetization for Horizon Worlds

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is testing monetization of Horizon Worlds VR spaces so creators can start making money.

The company is starting to test two new tools that will allow creators to experiment with different ways to monetize what they’re building in Horizon Worlds, which is part of Meta’s plans to build the metaverse, the universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected. . as in novels like snow crash Y ready player one.

And no, it is not based on blockchain or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which have received a lot of criticism from some game developers and players.

Meta said it will launch this today as a test with a handful of creators to get their feedback. The company said these kinds of tools are steps toward a long-term vision for the metaverse where creators can make a living and people can buy digital goods, services and experiences.

Zuckerberg discussed the news in a chat with Vidyuu Studios hosted by Horizon Worlds creator Alex Chandler. In his chat, Zuckerberg talked about the news, what the metaverse economy might look like in the future, and how they plan to start using these tools to make money in Horizon Worlds.

Avatars in Horizon Worlds.

“If you imagine what some future metaverse [at] some point on the line [would look like], clearly the ability to sell virtual goods and take them with you from world to world is going to be a big part of it. But first, there have to be things people want to buy for the economy to work,” Zuckerberg said. “So I think sometimes the things that end up working in these digital products end up being a little bit different than what you would expect from the physical world.”

He added: “It takes a lot of experimentation and creativity from the people who are building the worlds and building these experiences and all sorts of different things. But this is going to be a really iterative process in terms of building this. It’s not like we just put something out there, and we’re done. You know, we’ll see what you all build. And then we’ll see what resonates with people using the worlds, and then we’ll build the next round of tools based on that and keep improving it. And that’s what I’m interested in, how quickly we can learn and iterate on this and keep improving it.”

Meta said that the metaverse, by the nature of not being limited by physical space, will bring a new level of creativity and open up new opportunities for the next generation of creators and businesses to pursue their passions and create livelihoods. Creators and entrepreneurs will have more freedom to find a business model that works for them.

Meta is starting to roll out a test with a handful of creators that will allow them to sell virtual items and effects within their worlds. For example, someone could make and sell attachable accessories for a fashion world or offer paid access to a new part of a world.

Purchasing items in Horizon Worlds is available to individuals 18 years of age and older in the US and Canada, where Horizon Worlds is currently available. Creators that sell items will see a Trade tab and a widget when in Craft mode that allows them to craft items that can be purchased.

In addition to introducing in-world purchases, Meta is starting to test a Horizon Worlds creator bonus program for participants in the US. These bonuses come in the form of goal-oriented monthly programs where creators are paid at the end of the month for your progress toward the goal. Creator bonuses are not subject to fees and will be paid to creators in full. For now, in this limited test, but over time Meta may evolve these goals, for example, to encourage the creator to adopt new tools or features that he implements.

Creators who participate in any monetization programs, including in-world purchases and creator bonuses, must follow all Meta policies for Horizon Worlds, including the Horizon Worlds VR Conduct Policy and Prohibited Content Policy, in order to receive profits.

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