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Faces We Love – Shanghai by Derek Muhs & Marisa Tarin


Faces We Love – Shanghai

Through this collection of 100 mostly full-colour photographs captured by a team of passionate artists and photographers, Faces We Love Shanghai takes you on a journey through the city’s narrow alleyways and secluded backstreets. Each photograph reveals an untold story, showing the beauty and joy behind the everyday moments and people that are often overlooked. Also featured in the book are photographs of a community working together as a team, supporting one another in a time of tremendous stress and anxiety, as COVID-19 swept the globe and the world pointed its finger at China. In a divided world, this stunning photography book cuts through the language barriers and cultural divide to bring you a work of pure craftsmanship — a collection that shows the true beauty of capturing people as they really are. Highlighting the raw and honest moments of life in Shanghai that are at times heartbreaking and hopeful, serendipitous and authentic, Faces We Love Shanghai is a love letter to a city visited by many but truly seen by few.

Author’s Bio

Derek Muhs is an entrepreneur and has been investing in real estate, health care and media. Derek was a producer on two award-winning documentaries, and then founded Human Touch Media. As a world traveler and 25 year volunteer he enjoys capturing the stories of everyday people through visual storytelling. In 2022 he launched Faces We Love, a private collection of photographs capturing one of his favorite cities in the world, Shanghai. Human Touch Media projects have been featured on Netflix, along with international film and photography festivals including TriBeCa.

Marisa Tarin has had a love for photography since being a child in Argentina and watching her uncle, a photographer, capture unforgettable portraits of people. After immigrating to Spain, her professional life focused on real estate law and later offshore corporate law. Marisa has traveled much of the world and on her journeys with her camera in hand she collected a catalog of moments with local people, better understanding their story through a simple photo. Marisa was able to transition from her legal activities to launch Human Touch Media and be a curator and photographer on the Faces We Love Shanghai collection. She has been active as a volunteer in education for many years and is currently in the process of relocating to India and exploring future Faces We Love collections.


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Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3uYwe4Y

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3rVliDg

Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58509903-faces-we-love-shanghai

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