Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E5: Mr. Bochicchio

Lady Pudding and I have finished our tea and are now setting in to watch The Courtship.

Last week we met two new suitors, and saw Mr. Shanklin leave after he serenaded Nicole while standing uncomfortably close to her face.

Pudding is ready for more eliminations.

Pudding lays in her bed and stars at the camera intently

The first event of the day is an archery competition, and we have a special guest, Nicole’s brother Dom. The men are told to impress Dom as he will be choosing who among them will join an intimate family dinner.

Mr. Judge stands with his arms wrapped around Nicole, teaching her how to use a bow. Dr. Hatem is irritated.

Later Dom talks to Dr. Hatem and is alarmed when Dr. Hatem isn’t even sure if his future involves marriage.

Nicole stands next to her brother

Some of the other suitors tell Dom that they feel Mr. Bochicchio is too affectionate with Nicole in front of their parents and the other suitors. One of them says, “he’s taking liberties.”

pudding: In my day, that kind of talk would lead to a duel!

Dom doesn’t seem super impressed with Mr. Bochicchio, especially when he asks Nicole (right in front of him) if she’s looking for marriage. Nicole looks stunned.

pudding: Do the men on this show not know an engagement is the expected outcome of a courtship? Good Lord.

Nicole talks to Mr. Hunter They are seated outside against a pillar of stone with some pillows and a blanket.  Nicole is wearing a tiny fascinator with a giant feature coming off the top

The coveted dinner invite goes to Mr. Judge, Mr. Hunter, Dr. Hatem, Captain Kim and Mr. Holland. We learn that Dr. Hatem’s family is from Cairo, where many of his relatives still live.

They are served lobster, and we learn that Nicole is not a huge fan of shellfish. Mr. Judge helps her crack the lobster open.

Mr. Bochicchio is upset at not being invited to dinner so he–GASP–shows up unannounced. He interrupts dinner just as Mr. Judge shares a very personal story about not having a great family growing up.

Dom asks him to leave, and he ignores him and asks to talk to Nicole. She leaves the room with him, but everyone at the table thinks he’s being incredibly disrespectful.

Mr. Bochicchio tells Nicole that he doesn’t know if he can settle down in two months because his parents have this wonderful relationship and he wants to make sure he has that.

Nicole asks if he could even imagine falling for her, and he says if the relationship continues on the path it’s going down, then yes. They kiss.

Later, Nicole talks to her brother and sister. They make it clear they don’t approve of Mr. Bochicchio. Nicole says she feels like he takes every opportunity to be with her, and Dom counters that someone who always does what they want when they want isn’t the best thing.

Back at the suitor house, Dr. Tatem takes exception with the fact that Mr. Bochicchio interrupted dinner.

“I think you and I have different values ​​when it comes to etiquette and how you treat people,” Captain Kim says.

“Dude you came here to make friends with guys,” Mr. Bochicchio says. “I have little cousins ​​who complain less than you do.”

Then it’s time for the farewell ball. Mr. Hunter, Mr. Judge and Dr. Hatem are on the dance card.

Nicole looks down at her dance card

Mr. Judge and Mr. Hunter stay, but Dr. Hatem goes home.

And that’s it. Are you watching?

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