Elyse and Lady Pudding Watch The Courtship–S1 E4: New Suitors

I’ve been behind on my summaries because I’ve been traveling for work and haven’t been home for a week and a half.

Pudding: You had gone? Oh. I did not realize

I did, however, buy Pudding a stuffed seal on my adventures.

Pudding lies on her bed cuddling her seal.  One of his legs is off the bed and he has a paw wrapped around his seal.

Last time, two new suitors showed up, Dr. Hatem and Mr. Judge. Dr. Hatem is an ER doctor from Ireland and Mr. Judge is a wrestling trainer from Michigan.

They all head to a country fair.

Two men in formal jackets, the judge on the left is dressed in pale green with a blue velvet collar and tie, while his waistcoat is embroidered in green on a cream background.  Hatem on the right is in a darker green with an embroidered vest, and a green velvet collar and green scarf, they both also have lapel pins and it's weird.  Judge has a snake and Hatem has a sword through some sort of rosette.  They are really dedicating themselves to dressing up.  I bet that department had a lot of fun.
Mr. Judge (left) and Dr. Hatem (right)

There is a tug of war and the winners go on a second date with Nicole the next day.

Then there is a game where they hammer a nail into a stump to earn a kiss from Nicole. Dr. Hatem misses the nail in the stump (hurr hurr), but steals a kiss that angers the other suitors.

Mr. and Mrs. Rémy ask Mr. Bocchichio if he came on the show to find love. He says that he came looking for a “connection”, which refers to Nicole’s parents.

Mr. Shanklin sings to Nicole, “testing the limits of music and decency,” according to Mr. Edward, the host. The expression on Nicole’s face is one of polite horror.

Pudding: No one told you it wouldn’t be auto-tuned?

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Kim Kardashian dressed as a judge says ew this is so embarrassing

So Mr. Bocchicho asks to speak to Nicole alone. He is upset that Dr. Hatem stole a kiss from him. He asks Nicole if she’s serious about finding her love because “you can’t be serious about eleven guys.”


Pudding: I think my stuffed seal has more intelligence than this jerk.

She tells him that they have one of the strongest connections, but she seems taken aback by his comment.

The court walks towards the country fair.  The women are in various shades of pink with hats and caps and two men are with them, one in white shorts and gloves, the other in a double-breasted jacket and tie.

Later, she asks Mr. Cones if he has ever dated a black girl and he says yes. She said that growing up, white boys didn’t ask her out.

Mr. Cones says, “I’m sorry. We have to do better. Why is this even a thing?

The next day, the four boys who won tug-of-war learn fencing from Nicole. After the lesson, Mr. Chapman comes in for a kiss, but Mr. Judge interrupts them.

Back at Suitor’s house, Mr. Shanklin says that his chances of being on the dance card depend on how Nicole liked his song.

Pudding: I have some news for you, sir.

Then it’s time for the farewell dance. Captain Kim, Mr. Castronovo, Mr. Bocchichio and (SHOCKER) Mr. Shanklin are on the dance card.

Nicole asks Captain Kim if he really wants to be there because he’s been under heavy surveillance. He admits that his last girlfriend cheated on him and forced him to put up walls and that he needs to improve. She tells him to stay.

She and Mr. Shanklin then talk about her singing and he says, “If you let me go tonight, you’re making a big mistake.”

Nicole says she doesn’t like her judgment being questioned.

“I know what I bring to the table,” he replies.

Pudding: Ear plugs?

Then he tells her that he loves her.

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a cartoon monkey makes side eye

Nicole says that she can’t get there with him and tells him that he’s fired. Mr. Shanklin then tells us, “I guess I wasn’t hitting the right notes with it, but I’m going to be somebody’s favorite song someday.”

Pudding: Oh my God, someone get me a drink.

Mr. Bocchicho stays, but Mr. Castronovo leaves.

And that is. You’re watching?

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