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Spring has sprung and the May flowers are in full bloom! Grab your bikes and hit the trails this month and beyond. Cincinnati and NKY have amazing bike trails that families can enjoy safely while reaping the many benefits of biking, together! Read on to learn more…

Check out the paved trails at Devou Park! photo credit: exploredevoupark.com

Five Fabulous Bike Trails

  • Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail – The third longest paved trail in the US, this 78-mile trail runs through many Ohio counties! Visit miamivalleytrails.org to find the nearest access point to you.
  • Otto Armleder Park – A great introductory one-mile paved loop that also connects to the five-mile Lunken Airport Loop. Look in the sky for great views of planes taking off and landing! Located at 5057 Wooster Pike.
  • Smale Park- Spend an afternoon exploring the riverfront via bike. Hungry? There are plenty of great places to grab a bite to eat at The Banks. Head to West Mehring Way for access to paved pathways. Visit mysmaleriverfrontpark.org to learn more.
  • Miami Whitewater- Choose from the inner (1.4 miles) or outer (7.8 miles) Shaker Trace Loop for a beautiful, paved nature bike ride. The park is located at 9001 Mt. Hope Road in Harrison. Visit greatparks.org/parks/miami-whitewater-forest for more information.
  • Devou Park– While more advanced cyclists will rave about the amazing mountain bike trails, cyclists of there ages will love the paved trails with both city and nature views. Located at 1201 Park Drive in Covington; visit exploredevoupark.org for more information.

Bicycle Safety Measures

Be sensible and always practice bicycle safety with your family! Did you know that good bike etiquette starts young and uses the senses?

Snap! Before hitting the road, it is important to put a helmet on and not just any helmet! Helmets need to be the right size and fit appropriately. visit https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/helmets for more info.

Look! Always keep an eye out for road signs, which bicyclists should also obey. Look for car brake lights in driveways and be sure to share the path with folks passing you by. Bicyclists should also be seen – wear a bright shirt when you are biking to stand out!

Listen! Do you hear a car approaching? Do you hear someone vocalizing that they are trying to pass you up? If you hear a rumble of thunder, it may be time to head home! Keeping your ears open is an important way to stay safe while biking with the family.

Other safety tips include walking bikes at crosswalks, checking your equipment before each ride, wearing sunscreen and staying properly hydrated.

Benefits of Bicycling

Taking to two-wheels can benefit the body and the spirit, too. For cyclists of all ages, biking is a wonderful low-impact activity that increases cardiovascular strength while also providing a full-body workout. Little ones can work on their balance, coordination and endurance through biking, while grown-ups with joint issues can increase their lower-body strength without the strain.

Of course, biking is also great for mental health! The simple act of unplugging from your devices helps with mental clarity and feeling the sunshine while getting some physical activity is a great way to boost your mood. In addition, a good workout leads to a good night’s sleep and mental sharpness.

May is National Bicycle month, but the benefits can be experienced for a whole lifetime.

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