Educate Your Kids About the Ivies

When your kids are out enjoying the best days of summer, it’s hard to keep them out of the weeds, creeks and woods. Educate them about harmful ivies, plus, keep in mind more safety precautions: Explain what the poisonous plants look like and remind them to avoid them. If they have been exposed, have them … Read more

What-If Presents the MacGyver Plan

What-if, the worrisome words, arrive in the conscious spinning topics from safety and financial security to loved ones and pet health. Asking, “What can I do?” leads to a proactive decision to invest time in the ultimate insurance policy – ​​valuable life skills comprising security, shelter, food, water and medical care! In any emergency, from … Read more

My Truth-Full Life – Forsyth Family Magazine

This month brings us into the last half of the year and the edited edition of “My Grace-Full Life,” and this month—we’re talking about “My Truth-Full Life.” These days, “truth” is something that is treated as if it’s subjective. The idea of ​​an “absolute truth” is highly frowned upon. People talk about personal truths or … Read more

Child Safety Series: 4th of July Fun

Each month, this series will provide important facts and tips surrounding child safety in an effort to support parents and caregivers as they navigate reducing risks and creating the safest environment possible for the children in their lives. If you’re getting ready to celebrate our nation’s independence this month, make sure to take a moment … Read more

Novant Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Baseball, bonfires, barbecue and beach trips! Summer in North Carolina is a time for families to be outdoors and on the move! And, never has this been truer than this summer, as we enjoy more and more opportunities for fun and gatherings in this post-pandemic era. Yet, with physical activity comes the unavoidable possibility for … Read more

The View from My Section

The Proust Effect As you’re lying on the beach this summer, or by the pool, or simply walking in the park with your earbuds in listening to your favorite music, here’s something else you can think about. There’s a little-known, yet important passage from literature by Marcel Proust in his novel series “À La Recherche … Read more