Atlassian unveils new developer portal to support productivity

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Today at the Team22 user conference, Atlassian announced the launch of Compass, a developer portal designed to enable developers to collaborate on security, compliance, and projects in one location.

Compass introduces a range of new features designed to make it easier for developers to build and manage services across the environment, including a component catalog to map the items used to build software, dashboards to track the status of these components, and a extensibility engine to customize workflows.

For businesses and decision makers, Compass provides a solution to reduce complexity for development teams, offering greater visibility into key services and giving them the ability to customize and optimize workflows as needed to so that they can remain satisfied and productive.

The problem

The release of Compass comes as the complexity of the development environment has increased and developers have struggled to cope with an ever-increasing workload. In fact, research shows that 83% of developers suffer from burnout and the number one reason cited is increased workload.

Compass aims to make that workload more manageable by providing developers with better visibility and a single solution to collaborate.

“To reap the benefits of the cloud like scale, cost, and resiliency, developers need to write their software using microservices. This is much more complex than traditional monoliths in a number of ways, including the fact that a service can be made up of dozens or hundreds of microservices,” said Tiffany To, director of devops and agile solutions at Atlassian. “Keeping track of all the components used to build these services to design, assemble, and manage health is a very difficult collaboration between developers, platform teams, and IT.”

As a result, software is no longer simply written, it is assembled. Additionally, developers are responsible for creating and operating the software, including maintenance and uptime. This internal labyrinth of technologies creates unnecessary overhead, reduces productivity, increases developer “hard work” time, duplicates efforts, and ultimately slows down how quickly they can ship software.

By providing a single source of truth with a catalog of components and dashboards, it’s much easier for developers to maintain control over projects and ensure they are secure.

The development market

The launch of Compass Atlassian comes as researchers expect the global application development market to reach $733.5 billion by 2028, as more organizations look to develop and onboard new solutions to streamline their operations.

It also comes amid a broader trend of private companies releasing open source developer portal solutions. For example, Spotify’s open source Backstage tool provides a solution for creating developer portals that allow users to manage multiple services in one location.

Another is the open source platform Clutch, Lyft’s extensible infrastructure management platform designed to help users create and manage workflows alongside other platforms like AWS, Envoy, and Kubernetes.

However, To suggests that the turnkey nature of Compass is what sets it apart from other open source competitors.

“Compared to open source options that are more open, we aim to be highly turnkey with Compass to be flexible but also stubborn with built-in best practices for DevOps,” said To.

Compass provides users with cataloging and dashboarding capabilities that are integral to “coding best practices for development and enablement rituals for teams like CheckOps, a weekly review that uses an automated summary of actions to take based on charts of command”.

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